Founder Interviews

    The Startup Stumbles Founder Interview Showcase is where creators, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs share their business journeys, with an emphasis on how they've dealt with setbacks and failures.

    Whether you're a first time founder or a seasoned entrepreneur, starting a business is one of the most difficult paths you can pursue.

    "If you cannot see your way, all you can do is feel for the edges. But if you feel the edges, and don’t go there, you will stay in the way."

    -Michael A. Singer

    My hope is that these interviews help illuminate the edges for current and future founders and serve as a guiding resource for years to come.

    If you think you or your company would be a good fit for our founder’s interview showcase, I’d love to hear from you.

    Keith X. Donovan

    Keith X Donovan headshot photo (Founder, Startup Stumbles)